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Siwa Murti is an energy healing modality that can be used to treat a wide spectrum of injuries, ailments, trauma, and pain. It was created by High Priest, Ratu Nabe, in Bali, Indonesia and he has begun passing down this healing wisdom to Westerners. I was introduced to this modality through my own, miraculous healing. 






I had been meeting with several spinal surgeons in preparation for the recommended spinal fusion surgery that my degenerative disc disease called for. My L5/S1 disc was gone and I was in searing bone-on-bone pain, but felt unable to agree to such an invasive and risky surgery, as long as I was able to walk.  My friend and Siwa Murti pioneer, Janelle Marra, had just returned from her second trip to study with Ratu Nabe and she asked me to "just give Siwa Murti a chance."  After my first treatment--IN A ZOOM HEALING--I went from a daily pain level of eight to a three. And, after our second session, my chronic pain was GONE!  Was my body back to my previous flexibility as a professional dancer? Not exactly. Would I consider myself a candidate for spinal fusion surgery?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!  For me, as my income depended on my ability to carry 40 lbs of massage gear in and out of my clients' homes and perform massages daily--Siwa Murti Healing was a MIRACLE!!! 

Since then, I have been dedicated to learning, practicing, and sharing Siwa Murti every day. I will be returning to Bali to study with Ratu Nabe for the third time in May 2024, and consider this healing my life's work. I am honored to be one of seven individuals in the world who are certified at or above the Level Ganapati 5, under my Western pioneer teachers, Janelle Marra, Jason Stepina, and Neil Aaron. We are so excited to share this healing modality with the world and to help heal as many people as we can! 



In-Person Full Body Rebalance: $100

Siwa Murti/45 min Massage Combo: $200

Daily Distance H
ealing with text support: $100/week

Try Siwa Murti for free! Ask me about our monthly complimentary Zoom Healing Social events!

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